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Twelve years ago, Claire Kerr-Zlobin was a new mom facing social isolation, anxiety, and loneliness. Following months of suffering, doctors diagnosed her symptoms as Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD). When a search for a support system came up short, she built her own. After seeing many others struggle with the same challenges, and often alone, she founded Life With A Baby in 2008. Life With A Baby is now North America’s largest parent peer-support network, with no signs of slowing.

Writing for Others? 5 Ways to Avoid Being a Sucker for Words •

If words are your bread and butter, you gotta learn how to cook. What I mean is if you write for money, anything from writing as part of your daily job function to freelancing, pinpointing the scope is paramount. If you aren’t adept at asking the right questions to make sure at the outset you and your intended client are on the same page–there will be blood. Dramatic? Perhaps. But, it’s easier to plan for a worst-case scenario up front. This as opposed to being driven to rocking back and forth

To Press Release or Not: That Ain’t The Question •

A quiet war wages among communicators. Ok, that’s dramatic but there is much ado surrounding the presumed death or deliverance of the press release. Does the press release, one of the original and oldest instruments of media relations, have a place in this noisy, ever-changing, multi-platform world? If you’re a PR or Communications professional, you may have a love-hate relationship with the once-revered document. If you’re on the business or organization side, you may just be confused. I mean,

8 Things To Do Right After a Layoff – Mercedes Findlay –

Sometimes you just need a to-do list, amiright? In the days and months, and even years following a layoff, you’ll run the gauntlet of resources and become somewhat of an expert on the subject. You might read books or studies on the philosophy and psychology of exiting a job on someone else’s terms. Perhaps you’ll take joy in relatable humour, bookmark useful sites, and actually talk to other humans in the same boat. Nevertheless, as you dab your lip from the sucker punch, you just need someone

5 Ways to Get your kids cultured while they're busy having fun (Oh, and for free)

The task of adding culture to your kids’ lives inhabits a small, dark corner of your brain, somewhere behind feeding, clothing, sleeping, tantrum management, and learning things. The hope is that between finger-painting and TVO, you may develop an art connoisseur by osmosis yet. Enter , a not-so-little national initiative where Canada’s arts and culture communities offer free, cool, and often rare-access events to Joe Public over the course of a weekend every Fall. Every Province and Territory